Hollywood Glamour During 50s - Behind the Seams

Cosmopolitan gets the scoop from Italian designer Luisa Beccaria on her spring runway show. Known for her luxurious fabrics, feminine prints, and romantic designs, Luisa explains how she infused her new collection with some old-school Hollywood sex appeal while keeping the look chic and modern.

"This look evokes '50s Hollywood glamour. It's for a woman who is aware that her sex appeal is both empowering and strong." —Luisa Beccaria 

"The metallic stripes are gracefully seductive, and the texture enhances the feminine silhouette." —Luisa Beccaria 

"I love the strong emphasis on the neckline." —Luisa Beccaria 

"The hemline adds a youthful play on dramatic modern proportions." —Luisa Beccaria 

"I felt that accentuating the waistline with a belt would be playful yet sensual....very '50s Hollywood glamour." —Luisa Beccaria 

"These platform shoes are comfortable and flattering." —Luisa Beccaria



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