Sonakshi Sinha flaunting her new sexy figure?

Yes, we love Sona’s newly attained figure. But looks like she loves it too, and is obsessed with it!

Sonakshi Sinha acts well, and she garners praises for that. But since her debut in Bollywood, this desi girl has over n’ over again been bashed by fashion critics for her dressing style. And of course, for being on the heavier side. Sonakshi’s weight issues made it to the headlines time n’ again. However, since New Year’s wethinks that Sona is on a weight-loss spree. The R…Rajkumar actor has not only lost weight but has improved her dressing style too. Recently, when Sonakshi tweeted a picture of herself, we were surprised!

Sonakshi tweeted, “Woke up at 6am. Dint know what to do. Put on some @asliyoyo music on full blast and BAM – 2 hour workout done! #postworkoutselfie #ifeelgood,” along with a picture in leggings and a spaghetti top. All we could say was WOW! This Dabangg babe has come a long way and her newly attained sexy figure is totally worth ogling at!

She looks fit, hot n’ gorgeous, no? And those enviable curves are totally drool-worthy. No wonder Sonakshi is joining the world of selfies… Source:



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